Let’s Talk About Worldbuilding (pt. 5)

This is going to be short, and the main portion is going to be about weird math stuff. Buckle in. So! I’ve been busy lately, and one of the things I like to do when I’m stressed out is do math in my head. Not like, multiplication and algebra (though that too, sometimes), but mostly… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Worldbuilding (pt. 5)

Speaking of Writing (Update? 3-ish?)

So, there is a blog post draft that’s been sitting here on wordpress for about a month. A little over, actually. It’s the first installment of the Walking With Demons story I promised I would do but never actually did. The draft isn’t even done, actually. It’s three and a half pages of the twenty… Continue reading Speaking of Writing (Update? 3-ish?)

Random English Stuff (Pt. 2)

Didn’t think I was gonna do another one of these right away, but I just wrote a thing about i-a-u verbs (sing-sang-sung, spin-span-spun, think-thank-thunk, and so on) and discovered a bunch of i-o-i_en words! Rise-rose-risen Drive-drove-driven Ride-rode-ridden Stride-strode-stridden Strive-strove-striven Write-wrote-written Dive-dove-diven You get the idea. It’s like an ABA pattern, plus the ‘n’. -Here’s the same… Continue reading Random English Stuff (Pt. 2)