Let’s Talk About Worldbuilding (pt. 3)

I think one of the most important parts about world-building, more than even believability, is that the parts off your world fit together. It doesn’t matter that your sci-fi world breaks the laws of physics so long as it doesn’t break it’s own laws. And this is one of the major struggled in creating a fantasy world.… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Worldbuilding (pt. 3)

The Yolíja (Let’s Talk About Worldbuilding, pt. 2)

I guess at some point I am going to have to get into explaining what my world is all about, and for that matter, what’s up with this blog’s name? When I started writing, I thought there were going to be nine planets: one for each of the nine races. But this, easy formulaic universe… Continue reading The Yolíja (Let’s Talk About Worldbuilding, pt. 2)

Let’s Talk About Language

As I was writing my book, I kept thinking that I wanted there to be more languages spoken in Ardún. It wouldn’t make sense that everyone on the whole planet, all ten billion people, spoke English. So, I began, calling my new language Tetra (As in Latin for four). It didn’t really take off; I… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Language

But Seriously, What is your Book About?

Okay, okay, fair question. I can answer that, I think. It’s a fantasy novel, about a boy named Lester, who figures out he’s a mage. It’s not quite that simple, he’s almost kidnapped, attacked at school, helped by a witch in the forest, attacked again, all before he really knows who, or what, is after… Continue reading But Seriously, What is your Book About?