Let’s Talk About Worldbuilding (pt. 5)

This is going to be short, and the main portion is going to be about weird math stuff. Buckle in. So! I’ve been busy lately, and one of the things I like to do when I’m stressed out is do math in my head. Not like, multiplication and algebra (though that too, sometimes), but mostly… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Worldbuilding (pt. 5)

Let’s Talk About Writing (pt. 3)

This could have gone into another series titled “Let’s Talk About Research”, but I think it fits more specifically in with writing, so it is going here. Basically, I’ma list a few things. The first set is gonna be those weird things you have to research as a writer that, if anyone were to read… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Writing (pt. 3)

Let’s Talk about Writing

Oooooooh writing. That’s fun. I mean, usually. Sometimes it can be arduous, though. Sometimes it can be painful, sometimes exhilarating, sometimes boring, sometimes scary, sometimes exhausting. Yet, it’s usually always fun. Now, this is a rant so I’ll start with the thing that has been plaguing my writing experience lately (Well, one of the things,… Continue reading Let’s Talk about Writing