Pronunciation Guide V.1

This is gonna be one of those things that I need when I start posting actual content. I’ll do a really really simple guide and then make a fancy one when I start introducing craaaazy words in the future. And I’ll tack on a good Glossary at some point, so keep coming back here if you have any pronunciation questions and I’ll prolly update it. Also, if you find anything in any of my stories you aren’t 100% sure on for pronunciation, ask there and I’ll try and slap it onto this post. Thanks!

For most words and names, I can get away with using basic English sounds. But, I use slightly different notation. Here is what sound each letter corresponds to:

The following letters make only one sound:
ú:        r/oo/t
o:        t/o/ne
i:          f/ee/t
i:          t/i/n
e:        t/e/n
á:        r/a/n
u:        r/u/n
a:        l/aw/n
y:        /y/ellow
g:        /g/ood

There are some sounds English does not have letters for:
Ŋ/ŋ:     ri/n/g
Ð/ð:     /th/is
Þ/þ:     /th/ick
Ö/ö:        h/oo/k
Š/š:     /sh/ark
Ž/ž:      vi/si/on

Some sounds are represented with two letters:
aí:       l/igh/t
eí:       r/ay/
tš:       /ch/amp
dž:      /j/ump

So, using this scheme, “think” would be spelled: þíŋk
truffle: tšufl
stake: steík
land: lánd
And so on.


[Quick note, the letters I use for the pronunciation guide are the letters and sounds from the language I made up, called Nímar, so there are plenty of words that will be pronounced exactly how they are spelled]
-Stress will be in bold, syllables will be separated by dash-es.

-Words/Names from TWbD:
Atíža – /A--ža/
Dami – /Deí-mí/

-Other Words/Names:
Nímar – /Ní-mar/
Yolíja – /yo--džu/



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