Let’s Talk About Worldbuilding

So, I think I was avoiding this topic for the past few months. I love ranting on and on about the world that I have imagined (with extreme amounts of help from my friends and family), but I have that little feeling of awkwardness and self-consciousness. I do not want to come across like I am bragging, nor do I want the things in my world to be boring to others. But, because I do love this world so much, and so much of my life has been dedicated to creating it, I will write about it.

So to start, I am just going to dip my toes into the water and talk about how I world-build, and what really got me started on constructing the world of my book.

Money. Up until my main character had to buy something in one of my early-most drafts, I had not even considered what another world’s monetary system would be like. The only other real world building I had done up until that point was a bit of research on military ranks. My world was fresh and blank and the “Myrian Empire” that had captured my character was nothing but a name. Then, a little over eight hours of research later I had written down a pretty basic system of money for three of my worlds nations.

And this is the best thing about world-building, and the reason I love doing it so much (to a fault, really). One thing leads to another. I spend eight hours figuring out appropriate denominations for coins and which empire uses bills and when I am done, all I want to do is write about why these systems came into place. Why does Buandish use paper money (despite being a primarily underwater country) yet Myria and Enro use coins? What is the system based off? Were there other empires that used other systems before Myria? And when I am done researching those, writing down the answers I think fit the best, they lead to more and more.

Following these questions is what started the quest I am on right now: What is the history of the this world I’ve created? Myria may be the longest lasting empire, but before it was Xaikon, and before that, who knows? Perhaps hundreds of empires have risen and fallen in my world and the idea that I am just scratching the surface of what it can be is one of the most exciting things I’ve ever experienced. When I world-build, I don’t feel like a writer; I feel like an explorer.

And I would be more than happy if you would come explore with me.


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