Walking with Demons (Pt. 0)

This is an introduction to what I hope will become a series. Like many of my previous projects, there is a damn good chance this will end up a one post thing that I leave for four months until I try to pick it up once more, before dropping it entirely. But I have slightly higher hopes for this one than I have had for many others in the past, so I’ll get to the story it now I guess.

Walking with Demons is going to be a series of undetermined length, that will be posted in chapters or chapter segments with beginnings and ends and maybe even middles. I am hoping this format, of posting in bits and pieces, encourages me to write more, because I can’t go back and edit the previous chapters and I have to just keep trudging on. Also, I love the concept (which I’ll get to in a sec). There is a small downside, and that is that I cannot in anyway guarantee that this series will be particularly stellar writing. without being able to go back and edit, I may fall into the trap of having major plot details added to the story just before they become relevant. I will try to avoid the pitfalls of not writing out a plot and story beforehand, but I think for this to work for me and all of you, it has to be this way. And so, the risks will be taken.

Not for the concept. And the roll-out. The idea is that this lazy guy named Greg had a cousin who was into the demon worship. Greg wasn’t the superstitious type, but when he walked into his cousins apartment one night, (A little buzzed from drinking, mind you) he saw her summoning a demon. The details aren’t too important, what is is that after some not in-depth internet research and thirty minutes of talking to his cousin, Greg figures he can get something out of this whole “Demon” thing. So, he creates a ritual, contacts the nearest Demon, and offers his soul for perfect health and never needing to work again. Without reading the contract (Greg finds reading to be a bit too much work) he signs it and hocks his soul to the demon.

Things go great for about a year. He sits at home eating nothing but pizza, soda, and cheap fruity alcohol, yet he’s in perfect health. Then, exactly one year later the demon shows up and starts making Greg do things for him. Sometime later, after Greg learns the hard way that he has to do what Mr. Demon says, some serious stuff goes down in the Demon world and lo and behold, the Demon needs Greg’s help. A contract is drawn and goods exchange hands and in a chaotic couple of hours, the world comes crashing down. Just as our story begins, the Demon and Human worlds collide, Demons start eating Humans, Humans start eating Demons, Mr. Demon betrays his kind, and Greg becomes one of the only hopes for Humanity.

Now, the roll out. The first chapter will come sometime in the next few weeks (At the latest by July 15th), and then every chapter after that will come a week later (or every two weeks if I find it extremely challenging.) So, there you go. Get excited, so that I have motivation to actually write this thing D:


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