Finding a Place to Stop/Actually Getting There

Editing is important. They tell you to edit and rewrite as many times as it needs it, and that any writing project can always be edited, because no project is ever really complete. And that’s why finding a place to stop (title drop, I know) is so important. You need to know when you are spending too much time on a project that should go out, or that you should let go. So, this necessitates a deadline. At some point, you have to give yourself a deadline; there needs to be a point where you stop and let the project be as it must be.

But this brings about a problem, maybe not for everyone but certainly for me: avoidance. I had given myself a deadline, one that is more generous than I need. Then, because of how generous the deadline I gave was, I gave myself a second one. Now this deadline is rushing up to me and I’m scared snot-less. I have spent the past six weeks doing anything but writing.

This brings us to the real problem of deadlines and ultimatums, and that is you cannot let them stand by themselves. You have to erect a stop sign in your future, but at the same time you have to make sure you keep working. Because of this, I’m back to writing daily, at least an hour. I like this because, as soon as I start writing I keep writing and I love it, but I need that initial kick in the butt. This post is sort of the beginning of that, of forcing myself to write (Yet also still avoiding writing my book.), and so hopefully, by June, I’ll have a manuscript I’m willing to let be.


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