Time Of Ending

This is a sonnet I wrote quite a while ago, and even ended up using it in my book.

Does the Sun set, or d’we set on the Sun?
ev’ry age comes, not to a graceful End
rather is torn, asunder and undone.
In this light it, matters not who descends.

Ev’ry King will die, ev’ry Kingdom falls.
Soon we realize, ev’ry thing that starts,
must and ever end: ev’ry bird that calls,
ev’ry plant that grows, the world and its parts.

Do not despair my child, not all is Lost.
There is light for you, but not for us.
We are the age of ending, we are lost.
You have come from us; we return to dust.

Do we set, or does the sun set on us?
It matters not to it, and not to us.”


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