But Seriously, What is your Book About?

Okay, okay, fair question. I can answer that, I think. It’s a fantasy novel, about a boy named Lester, who figures out he’s a mage. It’s not quite that simple, he’s almost kidnapped, attacked at school, helped by a witch in the forest, attacked again, all before he really knows who, or what, is after him.

Now, before I get into other worlds, magic nations, and a centuries old conflict, let me tell you a bit about Lester. Lester is his own person. He doesn’t let anyone tell him what to do. While he cares a heck of a lot about those he loves, he’s not as outgoing as most people. He’s smart, but, as his friend Calliope would say, he’s not very good at expressing himself. So, you might understand that an independent guy like Lester would be shaken if he found out he can’t remember any of his childhood. Not one bit. In fact, he can’t remember anything before he started high school, almost four years ago. Yet, in a very Lester style, he takes it in stride, always moving forward. Except this time, forward for Lester is finding out who took his memories, why he was hidden from the magical world, and why everyone seems to want to kidnap him.

And that path is rife with danger.

Let’s talk about the Yolíja. Also the name of my Blog, but in this story, the term is used to talk about all three worlds. That’s right, three worlds. First, there’s Terra, where our story begins. Terra is the Roman name for Earth, so it should be safe to assume they’re the same planet. The second world, where half of the story takes place, is Ardún. Ardún is a massive world, home to ten billion people and several nations. However, one kingdom, the Myrian Empire, controls all but one of the nations on Ardún. Myria has been at war for senturies, mostly with outside forces, but sometimes with itself. Only in the past century, there have been more than one civil war. The interests of this empire, and it’s military, pretty heavily drive the plot, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

In summary, the book is about a clash between an Empire on another world, an old government vying for power, a terrorist organization that wants to kill millions of people, a military split down the middle, and quite suddenly, they all take a very vested interest in one amnesiac kid named Lester.


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