An Intro to My Book

“There’s a world, well, more than one actually, that we are on the edge of. So close to breaching the wall that separates us from the monsters and the miracles, the wars and the horrors, the life and most importantly, the Power. Open this book and you open a portal, one of the small rips in the bubble holding all the evils away. Take a look into what creeps in our shadows, what waits in our dreams, what we really see, but hide in the recesses of our minds. All these things just one thin piece of paper away. See for yourself.”

That is, what I am hoping, an intriguing hook to a fantasy story. If not, well keep reading, maybe I’ll interest you as I explain.

Let’s start at the beginning. Four years ago I started writing a story about two kids who got caught up in a war between to nations in a magical power struggle. There were a few problems with the story, one being that it was really, very poorly written. So, I scrapped the story and started anew with a character I could connect with a little better. In stepped Lester. This entirely knew story starts out with someone trying to kidnap Lester, though he doesn’t quite realize it. But before long, he’s carted off by the military into another world.

Now, it didn’t take long for me to realize the plot I had laid out for this story was… Thin. Another rewrite was in order. That took a while. But, when it was done, I had a story that I was excited about! It was the first time since I started that I just wanted to write and write. I spent much of my free time either writing the book, or thinking about where it will go next.

At this point, you might be asking. “What is the book about‽” Well, I’ll leave you with this:

Lester has to come to grips with the reality that not only can he use magic, but he might also be the key to a brewing war in a land he’s never heard of. To make his situation even more complicated, his best friend is probably a terrorist, the girl he likes could be in more danger than he is, and his entire life might just be a work of fiction.”


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